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Some of the advertising ads and Web analytics services used on this site may place “tracking cookies” on your computer and we want you to know how to get rid of these tracking cookies if you like.

Tracking cookies are small text files that can tell such companies what you are doing online, even though they usually don’t record your name or other personably identifiable information. These cookies are used by these companies to try and match ads to a user’s interests. They are used all over the Web, but in most cases, their presence is only disclosed deep inside privacy policies.

Not all cookies are tracking cookies. Like most other Web sites, ours may place cookies on your computer, in addition to any placed by advertisers or web analytics services. But ours aren’t “tracking cookies”. They merely do things like save your current session, default template view, registration or login status meantime you browse the site, and/or to keep temporarely related info. about your selected internal webpage maintime you complete a PayPal transaction and come back to download your desired software. They do not tell us by themself who are you, where you come from, what you do or where you go online, afterwards.

We’d prefer and we recommend you to accept a totally opt-in system with the target to offer you the best browsing experience within our web site but, if you want to clean out all tracking cookies from all your visited Web sites you may change the preferences or settings in your Web browser to control cookies. In some cases, you can choose to accept cookies from the primary site, but block them from third parties. In others, you can block cookies from specific advertisers, or setting by default your browser to clear out all your booked cookies right after to close your browser session. If using Firefox as your default browser, you may also set Do-Not-Track feature ON (just read How do I turn on the Do-not-track feature? for more info).

Feel very welcome and enjoy Joomlas2Go!
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1. Easy install, fast start-up & standalone environment!
Just install or extract your Joomlas2Go! Pack and Joomla! will be ready. Just copy/paste/rename (without blanks) the main folder to create a backup of the whole server with your Joomla! Projects in... Each copy will work independent to the other... Could not be easier!
2. Portability: Go ahead without installing and tweaking local servers & work with no Internet delays or bandwidth limits!
Do you wish to work today at home and tomorrow at work?.. Just copy your main Joomlas2Go! folder to your USB drive and take your Joomla! developments in your pocket, everything locally and without compromissing your respective Windows OS systems, installing and configuring standard local servers. The Joomlas2Go! built-in server is already tweaked and READY to meet the latest Joomla! requirements!
3. Your devs, testings and upgrades made safe and simple!
Test every add-on or upgrade inside your Joomlas2Go! Pack: Just create a copy of your main directory (with a simple copy/paste/rename) and apply there the new extension or upgrade. If works fine, delete the original one!... If not just delete the testing copy and go back to the original. Your main Joomla! Project always safe and clean!

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