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NOW 'DUAL' PHP (5.3.28 & 5.4.30)... READY!

Your Joomla! Project as far as to one "click" of your mouse. JOOMLAS2GO! is the step more, that most of we were waiting from long time!. The standalone development environment recommended for beginners and advanced Users but, a must for Joomla! Web Developers & Administrators...

Develope or upgrade your Joomla! site with the latest Joomla! version: Local, Easy & Safe...

The new Joomlas2Go! concept allows you to choose nearly the same server configuration OFFLINE with Joomlas2Go! that you have in your ONLINE (production or development) server:


Apache 2.4.x / 2.2.x, MySQL >5.6.4, PHP 5.4.x .
Recommended ONLINE server configuration if your target is to run a Joomla! 3.x Project (InnoDB Engine by default @MySQL) with FULLTEXT Indexes / FULLTEXT search ready. Still rarely available under CPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin  powered default server compilations, unless it's specifically customized or you are using an additional VPS server running MySQL 5.6 and serving it to them.
- Choose the equivalent Joomlas2Go! 5.619 that currently offers Apache 2.2.27, 'DUAL' PHP (5.3.28 & 5.4.30), MySQL 5.6.19 & PhPMyAdmin 4.2.5 for your OFFLINE works.


Apache >2.2.15,  MySQL >5.5.1, PHP >5.3.3
or PHP 5.4.x. Recommended ONLINE server configuration if your target is to run a Joomla! 2.5.22 Project (MyISAM Engine by default @MySQL). That's the most - still today - available configuration under CPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin online servers.
- Choose the equivalent Joomlas2Go! 5.538 that currently offers Apache 2.2.27, 'DUAL' PHP (5.3.28 & 5.4.30), MySQL 5.5.38 & PhPMyAdmin 4.2.5 for your OFFLINE works.


Apache 2.2.15,  MySQL 5.1.72, PHP 5.3.10+
If still today you are running this ONLINE server configuration:
- Choose the equivalent Joomlas2Go! 5.173 that currently offers Apache 2.2.27, 'DUAL' PHP (5.3.28 & 5.4.30), MySQL 5.1.73 & PhPMyAdmin 4.1.14 for your OFFLINE works.

Note: All mentioned Joomlas2Go! versions have TWO Portable browsers built-in, (Firefox 30.0 and ) working as your Desktop Joomla! Development Environment.

Joomlas2Go! offers you an VC9 environment with the latest Joomla! versions fully tested when running over Windows 8, 7 & XP...

As soon as you will download any of the Joomlas2Go! Packs to your PC, you will have a fully functional Standalone Local Web Server, already configured & tweaked to meet the latest Joomla! requirements, that will save you of the need to install and config. other standard local servers in your windows system. Just with a single "Click" you will get inside the built-in browser your new Joomla! Project running locally and ready to go to customize it with no more headaches and/ or bandwidth limits.


Couldn't be easier!, download the latest JOOMLAS2GO! version of your interest, 7-Zip the folder included as follows:
>> Extract it to the ROOT of a logical partition of your hard disk (recommended E:\ or F:\... better than to the system C:\ drive) the extracted main folder and rename it if you wish (as much short name as possible & without blanks). Finally, Run the joomlasgo.exe file to start-up the server and check that the loaded URL inside the browser is**/  to see your new Joomla! Project loaded and running.
-> To stop the server just right-click over the light-blue U icon located at the right-down corner, close to the Windows clock, and left-click inside to shutdown the running servers before to close the UwAMP GUI.


1. Easy install, fast start-up & standalone environment!
Just install or extract your Joomlas2Go! Pack and Joomla! will be ready. Just copy/paste/rename (without blanks) the main folder to create a backup of the whole server with your Joomla! Projects in... Each copy will work independent to the other... Could not be easier!
2. Portability: Go ahead without installing and tweaking local servers & work with no Internet delays or bandwidth limits!
Do you wish to work today at home and tomorrow at work?.. Just copy your main Joomlas2Go! folder to your USB drive and take your Joomla! developments in your pocket, everything locally and without compromissing your respective Windows OS systems, installing and configuring standard local servers. The Joomlas2Go! built-in server is already tweaked and READY to meet the latest Joomla! requirements!
3. Your devs, testings and upgrades made safe and simple!
Test every add-on or upgrade inside your Joomlas2Go! Pack: Just create a copy of your main directory (with a simple copy/paste/rename) and apply there the new extension or upgrade. If works fine, delete the original one!... If not just delete the testing copy and go back to the original. Your main Joomla! Project always safe and clean!

Pay a look to the reviews that others,
today happy users, set @ JED

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