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Local, Simple & Standalone. Try It To Believe It!

Joomla! Always ready!

Always with the latest Joomla! versions installed. Now with Joomla! 3.3.6, 2.5.27 and 1.5.26. Start developing your new Joomla! Project directly in your PC safely and without bandwith limits.

Three MySQL vs. Packs

Three Joomlas2Go! Packs available with the latest MySQL versions 5.6.21, 5.5.40 and 5.1.73. Choose the one that match your online server to avoid  deprecated code issues when moving your work to or from your live server.

'QUAD' PHP ready!

Up to PhP 5.6.2, 5.5.18, 5.4.34 & 5.3.29 ready! And built over the latest UwAMP GUI 3.0.2 version, allowing you to hot switch your PHP version while developing and to customize your PHP settings easily through it.

Portable browser built-In

Now powered with Firefox Portable 33.0 from  and enhanced with multi-language support and the most recommended and useful Firefox development extensions by default.

BASIC license

Donate for this LICENSE if you need it for a punctual development or task and you know you will not need to use always the latest version available:

Validity Time: 30 days
Donation Rate: 29.00 EUR

GOLD license


Donate for this LICENSE if you know you will need Joomlas2Go! on regular basis and if you wish to enjoy it for long and under yearly basis at a very affordable donation rate:

Validity Time: 365 days
Donation Rate: 49.00 EUR

SILVER license


Donate for this LICENSE if you need Joomlas2Go! on regular basis and you wish to enjoy a longer period of time and an aceptable average donation rate:

Validity Time: 180 days
Donation Rate: 39.00 EUR

PREMIUM license


The Top One! Donate for this LICENSE if you need Joomlas2Go! for your Joomla! develoments and you know you will always need the latest versions available:

Validity time: Endless!
Donation Rate: 149.00 EUR

Developing your site locally is faster & safer but upload and test a copy of it into your online dev. server regularly!

Develope locally

Untested backups are equal to have NO backups at all! Testing randomly your backups locally will make you feel safe!

Verify backups

Don't compromise your live site! Test always new add-ons locally before to install them over your live site!

Test add-ons

Even the most reputed devs. could make a mistake! Apply new updates locally before to do it over your live site!

Test updates




Some screenshots

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